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Victor Antonovich
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Help Wanted

Interested in participating in a open source project? Well you won't make any money out of it, but a lot of people will appreciate your work while they are using open source products. And why not giving something back by improving something you like? It also a possibility to work in a team and train your skills.

We have some interseting stuff to work on:

  • Add new features to mbusd
  • Extend libmbus function set
  • Maintain libmbus example projects
  • Write documentation

If you're interested in an other area that is not on this list, just drop a line and we'll see what's possible.


Help with new mbusd features

This includes configuration file loading, system signals processing (HUP, USR1, etc), client addresses restriction, and etc (see TODO file for details).

Extend libmbus function set

Only limited set of Modbus functions is implemented now but you could help to extend it to full set.

Maintain libmbus example projects

Some simple examples should be there for developers.

Write documentation

Still only manpages is written for mbus and libmbus. But you could extend it with some useful examples of server configuration and programming with development library.